Claire Simons

英国 文书老师 从业5年

擅长国家: 英国 澳洲 美国 新西兰 爱尔兰 中国香港 中国澳门 新加坡 马来西亚 加拿大 荷兰 中国

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2022-08-18 21:48:58

Claire is an amazing editor who really understands college admission and gave me lots of useful comments!


2022-08-18 11:08:24

She is amazing!


2022-07-23 11:05:31

Claire always responses in time and her advice is very enlightening. I am very satisfied with the final revision.


2022-07-14 20:18:43

Claire provides detailed feedback in the first delivery and ask me questions to enrich the content of my statement of purpose! she also help me refine the flow of the essay to make it elaborate my intention for pursuing the program in a much more natural way, let alone she was able to keep it within the required maximum words!


2022-07-13 11:19:42

Better structure for my statement


2022-07-06 11:17:55

Claire is definitely amazing at editing PS! Will recommend her to everyone.


2022-06-22 11:06:22

Great work with text, very thoughtful feedback and quicker than expected delivery! Would definitely recommend her to anyone!


2022-06-19 11:24:39

Best of best! Get my idea completely and perfect editing.


2022-06-16 15:04:40

very easy to communicate with and is very skilled at rewriting and restructuring! Thank you Claire!


2022-06-16 15:04:20

Claire has done a fantastic job to elevate my personal statement. She understands the context, pays attention to my specific requirements and thoughts, and really helps me to dig deeper into my experiences and motivations. The final essay stills feels like "me", but more beautifully written. I would highly recommend her if her work fits your schedule and budget! :)


2022-06-15 16:09:20

As always, Claire is just the best!


2022-06-14 15:07:15

Claire is amazing!!! She is always super supportive and efficient with good works!!! Excellent edits!


2022-06-14 11:20:24

Very expertise


2022-05-19 11:21:30

She did a perfect job in my personal statement. She shortened my sentences and condensed the meaning of them as well. She left space for me to supplement my own opinion about my experience and helped me edit them to cover all the requirements for my program. She delivered my order on time and give detailed feedback in the word document. I'll definitely order her service again if I have the same need.


2022-05-19 10:51:41

I came to Claire with personal statement first and was completely satisfied with the outcome. I went ahead and asked her if she could also revise my application essay questions for my master program as well. She tailored to what I asked for and completely transformed my personal statements and my essays. I had an amazing experience with Claire! Definitely commend to anyone needs help to make their essay sounds better!


2022-05-18 11:26:41

She is very helpful with the structure of my essays!


2022-05-11 20:25:24

Claire is the best editor I've ever worked with. She took my personal statement seriously and spent time getting to know the program I'm applying to. She effectively shortened my statement by restructuring paragraphs and sentences instead of simply deleting content. She also gave me helpful suggestions about the content. My statement is now clear, concise, and content-rich. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!!!!!


2022-05-10 14:50:01

Thank you! Such a satisfying and professional work!


2022-05-10 11:16:06

Claire edit my personal statement in a very professional way, and she works quick.


2022-05-03 11:27:08

Very good. Exceed expectation.